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Our stories matter. They are what connects us. How we tell our stories really matters. When you set out to write your memoir, remember you aren’t doing this for you. Yes, it will be a cathartic and meaningful process, but you are writing for the people who need to read your story. That calling you have to write your story is actually coming from your readers.

When we experience writer’s block, it is often because we haven’t clearly established why we are writing, who we are writing for or how  how our stories want to be told.  To understand this more deeply, watch this quick video to help you get unstuck and start writing.

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Here’s another great way to get unstuck and get started writing your life story today! Together with Dawn James from Publish and Promote for authors, I am offering you a powerful 1 hour informative and interactive webinar where you will receive:

          3 ways to get started writing your story

          Real life examples of how authors we taught got it done

          A powerful technique to get your creativity flowing and start writing your life story during the webinar  

This is a great way to get started or to reboot your writing process! 

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If you are ready to write, but just can’t gets started or you’ve started and you’re stuck,you don’t have to do this alone. Let’s connect on a free 30 minute discovery call and connect to your story and find out how it wants to be told. Let’s discuss how I can best service to you and your writing process.