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Can we have a word?

Do you have something important to say but can’t find the words? When you give a speech, does it sound stuffy or like someone else? When you pick up  a pen, do you find yourself blocked and when you sit in front of the computer nothing happens? Too often, people with great ideas and amazing stories don’t know where to start or how to organize their thoughts. As a result,  they  wind up throwing in the towel, depriving the world of a story that needs to be told and content that could make a difference in somebody’s life.  

Whether you are writing your memoirs, giving a speech or selling a product/service/idea, you are telling a story, and how you tell that story makes all the difference. I’m here to say, don’t give up. I am here to help.

A few ways we can work together

Authors writing memoirs or autobiographies

 I firmly believe this is not a job you outsource. Writing your memoirs is a very powerful and personal process. This is  YOUR life story and sharing it with the world will be an impactful experience for both you and your readers. As your writing coach, I will help you zero in on the central theme or your message, determine what stories to tell, how to tell them and how to organize the flow or your book. Not every story has to start at the beginning and end – well at the end.  There is a way to tell your story that is going to pull it all together and share they key lessons that you’ve extracted in your life, which is after all, kind of the point!  My job is to  keep you motivated, on track and most importantly ensure that the words you use speak directly to your readers. They deserve nothing less than your best. 

Speakers needing speeches (or zoomers needing zoom?)

Writing speeches is literally my favourite thing to do. As a young politico, I cut my teeth on 90 second member statements in the Saskatchewan legislature and have continued to write speeches of all kinds and length my entire career. There is simply nothing better than the spoken word (other than the written word). There is magic in that moment  when an audience is left speechless from an amazing speech that I helped write and my client knocks out of the park! Truly, my favourite moment is when the audience both laughs and cries. To quote Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias, “laughter through tears is my favourite emotion.” 

Awesome entrepreneurs and influencers needing creative content

Broad category? Maybe, maybe not. Here’s the bottom line. If you need something written, you need it to matter and you’re an awesome human being working for an awesome company or cause, I’m your gal. Seriously, I make a point of working with awesome people only.

A little bit about me

Want to know my superpower(s)?

I am an avid writer, reader, speaker and writing coach with over 20 years of professional communication experience which I’m ready to put to work for you. I’ve written for and advised corporate moguls, provincial  and municipal administrators and politicians, influencers/advocates, coaches, consultants and communicators.  I’ve also helped authors bring their memoirs to life and love nothing more than writing speeches that leave an audience speechless.

At my very core, I am a storyteller. I love everything about stories and I always have.  I’ve been writing and telling stories professionally for 20 years, although if you ask those in the know it’s been my whole life.  What got me reported in class as a kid, has emerged as a true superpower. You might not be able to see it, but I have the phrase “tell me your story” written on my forehead. I go into a store for bread and I come out with a story!

Some people collect sports cards or stamps, I collect stories. 

But wait, there’s more. I have a second superpower. What is it? You might want to sit down for this. The truth is, I can see straight through to your soul! Scared off yet? Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The truth is, these two powers are what make me so good at what I do ( great actually). You don’t have time for humility and you don’t have time for second best.  These gifts allow me to take in your voice and “put on paper” what you’ve always wanted to say but didn’t know how. 

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Don’t take my word for it

At least that’s what my clients have to say. The other day I received the best compliment. After the completion of our work together, an author said her book had just been “Jenelled”. My name as a verb? Get out of town. Or, how about my client told me my advertorial on flood mitigation brought a tear to her eye. Man, I love what I do. I am all about making deep connections through words, because the words we choose to use can change the world. Here are a few direct quotes, because who doesn’t love a good quote?

Dawn James

“How do you capture over half a century of your life in a book, while giving the readers  a sensory experience of our WTF, OMG and ‘no you did not do that’ moments of your life?

You have an insightful, creative and amazing story-teller in your corner called Jenelle Wohlberg. What I started, paused and procrastinated over for 16 years, Jenelle helped me finish in 6 weeks and I am eternally grateful for her guidance in bringing  UNVEILED: Autobiography of an Awakened One to life.”

Discovery meeting

Let’s make some magic happen

Ready to rock and roll? Together we will conquer the world with the written and spoken word, because when you tell your story right, it’s absolutely magical. Let’s make some magic happen.  Book a 30 minute discovery session today and let’s get this party started.